Our client’s vehicles are often driven by young or very young people who have little driving experience and stay in the job for less than a year on average.
The possibility to influence driving behavior by means of training and education is removed in this situation. We can, however, correct behavior using technical aids like the Eco2move product which has an exceptionally positive impact on maintenance, damage and fuel costs.

Tim Visser, DSG Wagenparkbeheer

KN Networks Services has a very large and diverse fleet.
The fuel costs for running a fleet of this size can be significant why we are always looking for ways to reduce the vehicle fleet overheads which also includes reducing fuel costs and maintenance.
During the first three months period with Eco2move installed KN Networks Services achieved fuel savings of 10%.

Raymond Kelly, Group Services Manager

Our council is running a fleet of Mercedes Sprinter converted mini-buses for school runs.
The fuel consumption and maintenance costs are very high compared to mileage driven per year.
With Eco2move fitted we measured a change in driver behavior, less vehicle breakdowns and recorded an improvement on fuel consumption of 8%.

Fleet Manager, London Council

Our analysis has determined that there is an impressive improvement in fuel consumption after installation of the Eco2move in our refuse vehicles and that the degree of improvement can be sensitive to the operational profile of the vehicle.

Purchasing Manager, City Renovation A/S

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