Cruise Diagnostics

An app for installers to check if the installation has been correctly carried out.

Connect easily with the new Wi-Fi module, start the program, and follow the steps.

The app makes it possible for the installers to test the cruise control switch, and check a number of things, like for example if the Can Bus or the inputs is connected correctly, if the speed is calibrated, the accelerator circuits and much more.

If you are experiencing errors or abnormal events registered while driving, that app will be able to register and log it.

After driving you’ll be able to see those logs and forward it as an email, if necessary.

The app is available in Danish, English and German.

The Wi-Fi module replaces the previous BT module and is compatible with the
E-Cruise 8.6 firmware and onwards.

Diagnostics is now ready for download on Google play and Apple App Store