Cruise Diagnostics

Cruise diagnostics tool for E-Cruise - Lindgaard · Pedersen A/S

Cruise control for retrofitting

Choose your speed, activate cruise control, relax and enjoy the ride.
Connect easily with the new Wi-Fi module and start the program.

The app makes it possible for the technician to run a diagnostic test of the E-Cruise installation and to test the E-Cruise Control Switch functionality. It is also possible to check most inputs/outputs from the E-Cruise box incl. accelerator voltages.

The Cruise Diagnostic app makes it also possible to diagnose faults or abnormal events while driving. During driving the app will register the faults or the abnormal events and save it in log files.

It will after the drive be possible to see the log files and forward it as an e-mail, if necessary.

The app is intuitive, easy to access and now contains Help texts to support the different functions and possibilities in the app.

The app is available in Danish, English and German.

Cruise Diagnostics is now ready for download on Google play and Apple App Store.

The Wi-Fi module replaces the previous BT module and is compatible with the E-Cruise 8.6 firmware and onwards. See below what is possible with version 8.6 and what is possible with version 8.855.