E-Cruise, OEM Speed Limiter -

for vehicles with factory fitted cruise control

E-Cruise OEM Speed Limiter represents a modest investment that is quickly repaid in the form of inevitable fuel savings as a result of smoother, more even driving.

Additional important advantages include more comfortable, relaxed driving, extended engine life, reduced risk of speeding fines and accidents, as well as lower emissions.

With OEM Speed Limiter, fuel consumption can be cut back by up to 37%, depending on driving style and route (independent E-Cruise test conducted by Fleet Van Magazine, England).

For instance, reducing speed from 130 km/h down to 110 km/h yields fuel savings of approximately 20%

All this is achieved with no compromise in vehicle performance.

By installing SpeedLimiter, your company will be contributing enormously to the pursuit of reducing the risk of accidents caused by excessive speed.

For this reason, SpeedLimiter is particularly attractive to all companies that have a running fleet of delivery vans.