Top Speed Limiter for Heavy Vehicles

The E-Cruise speed limiter, also known as a speed governor or road speed limiter, is a safety feature which will restrict the maximum speed at which the vehicle can travel. The primary purpose of the speed limiter is to promote safer driving and help reduce the risk of accidents, especially in commercial vehicles and fleets.

Our E-Cruise Speed limiter is commonly used and approved in various applications, including commercial trucks and buses, and follows the Worldwide ECE Regulation 89 (ECE-R89), also known as Council Directive 92/24/EEC of March 1992 and Directive 2004/11/EC.

How our E-Cruise speed limiter works
The vehicle's owner or operator can configure the maximum speed at which they want the vehicle to operate. This setting is programmed in the E-Cruise before delivery. It can be adjusted to limit any specific speed from 25 km/h to 255 km/h.

The E-Cruise has an electronic accelerator pedal interface (E-Gas), and an electronic controller which is mounted between the accelerator pedal unit and the engine control unit (ECU). The output signal of the accelerator pedal is modified to control the road and engine speed.

Once the maximum speed is set, the E-Cruise speed limiter device continuously monitors the vehicle's speed using various sensors, such as those measuring wheel speed. When the vehicle's speed reaches the preset maximum speed, the speed limiter intervenes and limits the engine's power, to reduce the vehicle's speed and prevent it from going faster than the set limit. It is not possible to over-ride the set top speed limit.

The benefits when installing the E-Cruise speed limiter
  • E-Cruise Speed limiter help prevent vehicles from traveling at dangerously high speeds, which can reduce the severity of accidents and improve road safety.
  • Limiting a vehicle's top speed can lead to fuel savings, as high speeds tend to result in increased fuel consumption.
  • Some regions and countries mandate the use of speed limiters in certain types of vehicles to ensure compliance with speed limits and regulations.
  • By reducing the vehicle's top speed, speed limiters can also help extend the lifespan of components like brakes, tires, and the engine.