Cruise Toolbox

A toolbox for installers, but as an app.

Connect with the new Wi-Fi module, start the app and follow the steps.

Use the app to calibrate the speed of the vehicle without extra expensive equipment.

With the app you’ll also have the possibility to program not only 1, but 2 speed limiters, for when you e.g. are driving with a trailer and need a different top speed limiter.

The app provides a clear, straightforward guide for the service technician on how to change speed limits, program for automatic/manual gear, calibrate or download and set-up model-specific software.

No programming skills are required, the app is an easy way to update the E-Cruise module’s settings through your smartphone.

The app is available in Danish, English and German.

The Wi-Fi module replaces the previous BT module and is compatible with the
E-Cruise 8.6 firmware and onwards.

Toolbox app is now ready for download on Google play and Apple App Store