Intelligent Speed Assist for Garmin Navigators

Garmin is an intelligent navigation system and with the E-Cruise it has been made even more intelligent. The combination of the two products provide a high level of ADAS/Intelligent Speed Assist

The Dynamic Speed Limiter (DSL) makes it possible to limit the vehicles speed based on the road signs in the Garmin device.

The E-Cruise Dynamic Speed Limiter (DSL) for Garmin is a Plug and Play device based on the Garmin FMI API.

Connect to the Garmin navigation device using the Garmin serial FMI cable and get access to the unique E-Cruise DSL solution.

Safer and more ecofriendly driving

With the Garmin Dynamic Speed Limiter Solution, you ensure an improved driving behavior, due to the Intelligent Speed Assist. Which results in less damage, fewer accidents, no speeding fines and fuel savings.

For instance, reducing speed from 130 km/h down to 110 km/h yields fuel savings of approximately 20%.

If another speed is required due to safety reasons, the speed limiter is deactivated by flooring the speeder for about 1-2 seconds.

Currently it is available for more than 850 vehicles including cars, vans, trucks and buses.

Additional add-on functions
  • Top Speed Limiter
  • Reverse Speed Limiter
  • Towbar/Trailer Top Speed Limiter


The Garmin road speed data is not 100% complete why some of the speed limits will be wrong.

In such cases the driver must intervene and accelerate or brake to the appropriate speed.

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