Take control of fleet safety with the E-Cruise Dynamic Speed Limiter

Advanced ADAS solution integrated with Geotab

Limit the speed fleet vehicles can drive at using posted road speed limit information collected by Geotab. With this feature you can rest assure that your drivers will stay within the posted speed limit and reduce the risk of over-speeding and speed tickets.
Within the MyGeotab Add-In, create speed limit zones based on where your fleet travels and add maximum top speed limits to selected vehicles. All speed limits are updated Over-the-Air (OTA) and is based on the real-time location of the vehicles.

Eco-driving and contribution to the UNs Climate Goals

Fleet operators can be assured that whoever steps into a company vehicle no matter what their personal driving style, they will be driving in a fuel friendly manor when adding our ECO function.
The ECO function improves road safety as well as the quality of the local and global environment and saves fuel and costs.
Further it will ensure a longer driving range for electric vehicles. Changing of specific driving behaviors can reduce the energy consumption, especially when driving at lower speeds.

Anti-theft feature

Beyond speed limit management, you can prevent vehicle theft and the burden it places on your bottom line with our anti-theft capabilities. Search and select the stolen vehicle on the MyGeotab and enable the kill switch. The vehicle then changes into idling mode, keeping important functionality like braking and power steering available for a safe stop of the vehicle.

About Geotab

Geotab is advancing security, connecting commercial vehicles to the internet and providing web-based analytics to help customers better manage their fleets. Processing billions of data points daily, Geotab helps businesses improve and optimize fleet productivity, enhance safety and achieve stronger compliance. To learn more, please visit www.geotab.com.