E-Cruise Advanced Speed Limiters

Safe and relaxed driving

Having to back a vehicle with or without a trailer attached into a specific spot can be among the more stressful things people still do behind the wheel. The Towing Speed limiter prevents drivers from exceeding the national speed limit.
The Limiters can be installed in most vehicles from 2005 fitted with an E-gas throttle.

Towing Speed limiter

The E-Cruise Towing Speed Limiter detects when a trailer has been attached and will automatically limit the top speed accordingly. When the trailer is detached, the vehicle is no longer limited. By adding this feature, the fleet owner will be sure that the drivers are not able to override the towing speed limit when a trailer is attached.

Reverse Speed Limiter

Reducing the reversing speed helps to avoid damages to the vehicle and its body if there should be a collision. This means that dangerous situations don't arise and maneuvering accidents are considerably reduced. The E-Cruise Reverse Speed Limiter activates automatically when a reverse gear is selected and the vehicle is then limited to a preset top speed in reverse.

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