Click & Go solution for people with disabilities

A clever solution who makes it easier for people with disabilities to drive a car.

The solution can be installed in any car with automatic transmission. At first the system needs to be installed, that takes approximately 4 hours, but when that’s done it only takes a few seconds to click on the hand control system and drive, and even less time to remove it again. After removal the car will be able to function like an ordinary car and drive like normal. So, this new Click & Go system makes it possible for both people with and without disabilities to drive the car.

The click on procedure is easy, you click a shaft on under the steering wheel, connect the brake rod onto the brake pedal, puts a wire in a connector and then it’s ready to go!

The car is driven with the bare hands and the driver will be able to control the speeder with only one finger. An electric mechanism ensures that the speeder is automatically switched off when the driver brakes and switched on again, when the driver lets go of the brake.

The solution is developed and sold by the company Automax in Denmark, who uses the E-Cruise technology in his Click & Go solution.

See more about the solution, here.

The Click & Go solution installed in a BMW. Automax 2 test alt text The E-Cruise box that controles the speed in the Click & Go soultion. The Click & Go solution installed in a Volkswagen. A drawing of how the Click & Go solution looks like, both inside the panel and outside.