Intelligent Speed Assist for Telematics Systems

Make your fleet vehicles intelligent and avoid excessive speeding by adding the E-Cruise ADAS features to your telematics interface

Would you like to cap the top speed of your fleet vehicles? Does your company image suffer from repeated speeding violations and speeding fines? Are there too many cases of damage to vehicles caused by excessive speed?

E-Cruise DSL is the first driver assistance system for telematics systems to use the posted speed limits from the map to limit the speed of the vehicle in real-time. You won't miss any speed limits, and speeding tickets are a thing of the past.

The E-Cruise DSL geo-fenced speed limiter is great for vehicles entering areas with specific speed restrictions such as airports, docks and vehicle depots.

If a vehicle is stolen the E-Cruise DSL advanced Kill Switch/Anti-Theft feature provides peace of mind as it remotely can stop a vehicle.

A White Paper is available for setting-up the communication flow between the Telematics/FMS provider and the E-Cruise DSL.

Additional add-on functions
  • Top Speed Limiter
  • Eco-Driving features
  • Reverse Speed Limiter
  • Towbar/Trailer Top Speed Limiter