Interface to Fleet Management Systems

The E-Cruise Dynamic Speed Limiter (DSL) interface to Fleet Management System/telematics system providers (FMS) is based on the RS232 communication protocol.

A White Paper is available for setting-up the communication flow between the FMS provider and the DSL.

The DSL set's the vehicles maximum speed to conform to that indicated by the road speed information in the FMS'.

If another speed is required due to safety reasons the speed limiter is deactivated by pressing the speeder past 90% for about 1-2 seconds.

The vehicle will then accelerate and exceed the maximum road speed.

The Dynamic Speed Limiter will be activated and adjusts the vehicles maximum speed to conform to the FMS road speed information when the vehicle speed is below the actual road speed limit.

The E-Cruise DSL can be installed in most automotive brands and models.

Currently it is available for more than 700 vehicles including cars, vans, trucks and buses.

Additional add-on functions
  • Top Speed Limiter
  • Reverse Speed Limiter
  • Towbar/Trailer Top Speed Limiter
  • Anti-Theft Solution