E-Cruise Advanced Speed Limiters

Intelligent Speed Assist for Driving Schools

Avoid damages to school vehicles on maneuvering tracks and slippery tracks

The first time a student drives alone without a teacher in the school car is on a maneuvering track. For some students, it can be a stressful experience first time alone behind the wheel. Several driving schools experience damages to vehicles due to too high speeds on the tracks or when students panic and by mistake depress the accelerator pedal as they confuse and believe they depress the brake pedal.

The solution for Driving Schools limits the speed of the vehicle and reduces the engine power to reduce the risk of accidents and damages to vehicles. However, in some cases when the students panic it can be necessary to allow the teacher to remove the acceleration and take the car to a standstill with a simple push on a panic button. It can be activated via e.g. a wireless radio or other communication devices in the vehicle.

The solution can be installed in most vehicles fitted with an electronic accelerator pedal.

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