Become a Partner

It is in our DNA to be even more innovative and to take advantage of new opportunities and technologies with partners.
We integrate our solutions and technology with many different players within the automotive area.

We work with car dealers offering special solutions to fleets, car manufacturers, hydraulic equipment manufacturers, telematics companies, camera manufacturers etc. to provide innovative products that will take their solutions to the next level.

Our team is very project-oriented and we have many years of experience within hardware and software development. Our solutions for electric vehicles (EV’s) not only extend the lifetime of the batteries but also reduce the battery consumption providing a longer driving range for EV’s. We provide Eco-driving techniques that will not only improve the range but also prevent harsh acceleration, excessive speed and damages to the vehicles.

Challenge us with your new ADAS project or intelligent speed assist (ISA) project. We have many years of experience with intelligent speed limitation and control of vehicle speed, acceleration and driver behaviours.

Our solutions can easily be integrated with automotive products via an open interface. Our technology is used in many of our partner's applications.

Challenge us and give us a call or contact us here and introduce us to your next project. Only your imagination is the limit!

We look forward to working with you on your next project!