E-Cruise, Transponder Speed Limiter

E-Cruise, Transponder Speed Limiter, Lindgaard – Pedersen

Area or user-based speed limiter and Anti-Theft feature

As a responsible car or fleet owner, you can employ the Transponder Speed Limiter to actively ensure that inexperienced drivers and others with access to your vehicle never exceed the speed limit set by the car or fleet owner.

For example the driver of a vehicle that is normally used in an urban area can be given a transponder to change the maximum speed when travelling outside that area.

A transponder can also be handed out when entering areas with specific speed restrictions such as airports, docks. etc.

Anti-theft feature

Another great feature is the Anti-theft/Carjacking function. The function is safe and simple.

If the car is stolen the vehicle is automatically limited to a pre-programmed speed of i.e. 10 km/h.

How does it work?

If the transponder is close to the vehicle (range up to 15 meters), the vehicle will not be speed limited.

Thirty (30) seconds after the E-Cruise module has registered that the transponder is outside the 15 meters zone, the E-Cruise module will activate the pre-programmed speed limiter.

It really is that simple.

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