E-Cruise, Dual Speed Limiter

Change speed limits on the go, with the E-cruise dual speed limiter

Speed limiter with pre-set limits for better safety and reduced speed

The Dual Speed Limiter can be programmed to allow the driver or 3rd party systems to switch between two pre-set maximum speeds.

By installing a Dual Speed Limiter, your company will be contributing enormously to the pursuit of reducing the risk of accidents caused by excessive speed in restricted areas, when towing a trailer, driving on a dual carriageway with etc.

These different speed limit options can also be practical when entering areas with speed restrictions such as airports, docks, mines etc.

The alternative speed limit can be activated or deactivated by a dashboard switch, tracking systems or i.e. a key fob all depending on the requirements of the fleet owner.

The Dual Speed Limiter was developed in close collaboration with leading fleet companies with special driving habits. It is designed specifically for each vehicle with all the necessary parts included for fast and effortless installation.


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