E-Cruise Advanced Speed Limiters

Safe and relaxed driving

When it comes to how we drive, the difference between the most fuel-efficient and least fuel efficient drivers on the road is in the range of 35%, which creates more emissions and use considerably more gas. with Eco2move installed a fleet can get more mileage out of vehicles, reduce maintenance and change driver behaviour - while reducing carbon dioxide emissions at the same time. It can be installed in most vehicles from 2005 fitted with an E-gas throttle. The limiter is self calibrating the top speed and RPM limit of the vehicle according to the requirements from the vehicle owner.

Speed limiter

For every 10 km/h a vehicle goes over 100 km/h, fuel efficiency drops by 10%. Driving 120 km/h on the highway instead of 100 km/h is like paying 20% extra for gas. The Eco2move Speed Limiter can help to save on the fuel by adding a preset top speed limit to the vehicle.

RPM limiter

Jackrabbit starts from one stoplight to the next save only 2.5 minutes per hour, but increase fuel consumption by up to 37%. The Eco2move RPM Limiter reduces the acceleration rate and put a limit on the RPM and eliminates overrevvings in the lower gears. the vehicle can still operate through the peak torque band but cannot be pushed beyond.

Dynamic start up features

During acceleration the engine is often at its least efficient as it operates through a range of gears and engine speeds. The Eco2move Dynamic Start-up features makes sure that the driver gently accelerates to traffic pace allowing automatics to change earlier and eliminates kickdown. Further the driver will change the manuals earlier as the acceleration is restricted and activation of the turbo is eliminated in the lower gears.

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