The previous race car driver, Max Birkelund, has developed a system with a new hand control that makes it easier for people with disabilities to drive a car.

Automax Customer Case

An interesting case for LP was when the previous race car driver, Max Birkelund, came to us with the idea about a new system, that made it easier for people with disabilities to drive a vehicle.

Max has been a wheelchair user for more than 30 years, but it was an experience he had in USA, that triggered him to start the development of the new system, which today has international patent. Max had traveled in the United States where he experienced the limitation of not being able to get the rental car he wanted, because of his disability. And when he finally got a car, it was with an old fashion mechanical system, without a knee airbag because it couldn’t fit with the disability equipment for the car. And the installation of the equipment in the car took a lot of time from his holiday because of the slow process.

That made Max think that there must be a better solution, than the one that had been used for the past 30 years.

Max was missing that last part

He therefore came up with the idea about this new system and the Automax Hand Control, but lacked the electronic speeder technology.

Max then made contact to LP back in 2013 as he knew that we had developed the E-Cruise cruise control and electronic speeder technology that could help him developing the system. We took up the challenge and developed the electronic speeder by adjusting our E-Cruise box to fit the requirements of the new hand control system.

”The combination of the Automax Hand Control and the electronics box was the perfect match for our product. The solution where we get the electronics box and a PnP speeder wiring harness that already fits the car, makes it so much easier for us, when installing the system, because we don’t have to cut any wires in the car”
Says Max Birkelund.

Click & Go

The solution can be installed in any car with automatic transmission. At first the system needs to be installed, that takes approximately 4 hours, but when that’s done it only takes a few seconds to click on the hand control system and drive, and even less time to remove it again. After removal the car will be able to function like an ordinary car and drive like normal. So, this new Click & Go system makes it possible for both people with and without disabilities to drive the car.

The click on procedure is easy, you click a shaft on under the steering wheel, connect the brake rod onto the brake pedal, puts a wire in a connector and then it’s ready to go!

Control the speeder with only one finger

The car is driven with the bare hands and the driver will be able to control the speeder with only one finger. An electric mechanism ensures that the speeder is automatically switched off when the driver brakes and switched on again, when the driver lets go of the brake.
The Click & Go solution is the only solution in the world, that makes it possible to click the hand control on and off, so the car will function normally, and keep the airbag at the same time.

Automax is happy for the relation

“We are very happy about the many years of cooperation, the electronics box has been working impeccably” Says Max Birkelund - Founder of Automax.

LP has over 30 years of experience with car electronics. So, do you have an idea for a new invention, that includes e-gas interface technology, feel free to contact us with your idea.

Ford Focus Automax 2 test alt text The E-Cruise box that controles the speed in the Click & Go soultion. The Click & Go solution installed in a Volkswagen. A drawing of how the Click & Go solution looks like, both inside the panel and outside.