Unique speed limiting device

Avoid speeding tickets and drive more safely. E-Cruise DSL is the first system to read road signs using the existing cameras in the vehicle and to use the data to adjust the speed of the vehicle dynamically. Until now, dynamic speed control based on ADAS intelligent technology was available exclusively in the most expensive cars – now, the system can be installed e.g. in a Toyota Yaris.

Lindgaard Pedersen A/S has developed the first speed control add-on technology in the world. It uses the cameras in the vehicle to read road signs. The system, named E-Cruise DSL, is now being introduced on the European market. Initially, the system is available for Toyota models with a Road Sign Assist camera.

During 2018, Lindgaard Pedersen A/S will be introducing versions of E-Cruise DSL for several makes of cars.

E-Cruise DSL logo