E-Cruise Cruise control for a Maxus eT90, Electric Vehicle

Do you have a Maxus eT90 without a cruise control?

Imagine yourself going for a drive where you don’t have to constantly keep the pedal to the medal, but where you can just sit back and relax your leg and enjoy the drive, as long as the traffic accepts it? This can be a reality.

Get yourself an aftermarket E-Cruise, cruise control, which offers comfort with simple user functions.

The E-Cruise, cruise control is developed and tested by danish experts, who ensures it’s working on the same level as factory fitted cruise control.

If you choose an EC 80 control switch, you’ll also get a voluntary speed limiter feature with memory functions, which ensures you a more fuel-efficient driving experience.

The EC 80 is installed on the left side of the steering wheel.

Maxus cruise control E-Cruise E-Cruise

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