DSG Wagenparkbeheer: A successful implementation of Eco2move in +750 vehicles

Important to Keep +750 Vehicles on the Road

DSG Wagenparkbeheer (Dutch Service Group) looks after all of the delivery vehicles of Albert Heijn (AH), preparing them for operation and keeping them roadworthy.
To achieve this, DSG uses various technical tools, including Eco2Move by Lindgaard / Pedersen A/S (LP), a tool that limits the engine speed, acceleration and the top speed. In addition, vehicles are equipped with parking sensors on the front and rear and reversing cameras.

Focus on Driving Behaviour

In the experience of DSG Wagenparkbeheer, Eco2Move has an exceptionally positive impact on maintenance, damage and fuel costs.
The client vehicles are often driven by young or very young people who have little driving experience and stay in the job for less than a year on average.
Tim Visser, DSG Wagenparkbeheer, comments:

"The possibility to influence driving behaviour by means of training and education is removed in this situation. We can, however, correct behaviour using technical aids like the Eco2move product.” DSG works with a preferred installer in order to install these instruments in the vehicles."

Technology Prevent the Risk of Serious Damage

The digital sensors that are currently being fitted to the rear of the vehicles have proved especially beneficial. Eco2move prevent the driver from using the accelerator if an obstacle has been detected behind the vehicle. The Eco2move product has proven particularly effective in preventing more serious damage when the technology is combined with digital sensors.

Customised Solution

The technical measures employed to protect the AH fleet are the outcome of a customised approach. DSG Wagenparkbeheer presented the issue to Dometic who is a partner of LP (“reduce maintenance, damage and fuel costs”), who then came up with effective custom solutions. The long-standing relationship between DSG Wagenparkbeheer and Dometic offers opportunities to refine the technical aids further and to expand cooperation in entirely different areas. “As a company, Dometic is very versatile and good at understanding our needs. And then we discover out of the blue that they are also able to deliver products for entirely different applications,” says Visser.

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