Cruise E-Drive, Speed Limiter via Smartphone App

Smart Limiter at Your Fingertips.

Numerous international studies document conclusively that even a modest reduction of average speed can result in substantial reductions in road accidents, material damage, personal injuries and fatalities.

In the event of an accident, a slight speed reduction will significantly limit the extent of damage and injuries.

As a responsible car owner, you can employ E-Drive Limiter to actively ensure that inexperienced drivers and others with access to your vehicle never exceed the speed limit.

The function is ingeniously simple.

Up to five mobile phones can be registered for unrestricted driving.

If none of these phones is present, the vehicle is automatically limited to the pre-programmed maximum speed which can be updated with password access via smartphone.

This function can be installed in most automotive brands.

E-Cruise protects your loved ones, when you can't be there to look out for them.

E-Cruise Apps require installation of the Cruise Bluetooth module.

Apple IPhone Apps will be available in the coming months - watch our E-Cruise space for NEWS.

Download app on Google play: