V∙tron B.V. - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for the aftermarket

About V-tron B.V.
V∙tron is a Dutch innovative company that develops and markets applications based on telemetry technology. Current customers include leasing companies, lessors of work equipment and insurance companies. However, the technique can be used in a large number of product-market combinations. V-tron is a fast-growing organization that values superior quality, innovation and excellent customer relationships. For more information about V-tron, please visit V-tron’s official website here: V-tron's official website

Safer Roads and less speeding - The intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) System
With new technology, and through the cooperation with V-tron BV., the ISA system is now ready to be welcomed in your vehicle. In the advancement of a future of automated driving, the EU has made key components for this mandatory in all new vehicles from 2022. The most eye-catching is ISA (Intelligent Speed Assistance). ISA ensures that you no longer have to think about your speed while driving so you can focus on essential driving tasks. ISA helps the driver to keep to the applicable speed by means of a smart camera, navigation maps and special software for speed adjustment of the vehicle. The major advantages are more comfort while driving, peace of mind for the driver and, more safety for all road users. In the long run, the use of ISA will mean that expensive and annoying speed-inhibiting measures, such as speed bumps, will become superfluous. More about the ISA system: The ISA System explained

E-Cruise DSL & V-tron B.V.
The ISA system is completely integrated with our E-Cruise DSL hardware offering real-time updates of posted road speed limits and geo-fenced speed limits in specific areas for a safer driving experience on the road. Further, an additional top speed limiter is available and can be set-up in different ways, like groups and vehicle specific. More information about E-Cruise DSL can be found here. Our DSL fleet product

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