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BITREK® is an Ukrainian OEM manufacturer of a new generation telematics solutions.

BITREK® has been developing GPS equipment since 2010. The company is ISO 9001-2018 certified with own R&D high-level team. The main focus of the company is companies focusing on precision agriculture, secure driving, fuel control, video monitoring and production on demand.

The partnership

BITREK® has developed an interface to the E-Cruise DSL, providing dynamic over-the-air updates of speed limits in geo-fenced areas. Further, an additional top speed limiter is available and can be set-up in different ways, like groups and vehicle specific. More information about E-Cruise DSL can be found here.

BITREK® is a committed partner and has a program for new partnerships, an annual partners conference, educational webinars and extended and enhanced tech support for exclusive partners.


  • Rated as TOP 7 on Gurtam rate (Wialon feedbacks, rankings)
  • 3 level QA control on production
  • ISO 9001-2018 and CE certification in the EU for all products
  • Has a wide range of equipment suitable for any purpose and business sectors
  • Worldwide locations of stocks (Poland, South America, Asia, Middle East)

The products, combined with a variety of software products, help users to reduce the cost of maintaining the fleet, logistics and optimize business processes, improve the safety and competitiveness of transport, to attract new customers with additional services and much more.

During 2020...

The E-Cruise, Eco2move features will be added as an over-the-air feature. Fleet managers can then set-up and change the eco-driving profiles when needed. More information about E-Cruise, Eco2move can be found here.

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