BITREK® is an OEM manufacturer of advanced new generation telematics solutions

“We have a few decades of competence in electronics development, production, and supply behind this name. Telematics and IoT hardware are our passion; our top-level idea is to design an ecosystem of sensors that will provide end-to-end control of your fleet. Any vehicle’s type, on any surface (ground, underground, water), anytime – full access to data and remote control. And 700K delivered devices worldwide speak for it better than any words. However, this path is long, and despite on own experience in hardware development – we always consider 3rd party integration for niche products”

Anatolii Tagirov, CEO, Bitrek.

For more information about BITREK®, please visit BITREK®'s Offical website

BITREK® specializes in:

  • video monitoring in transport telematics;
  • secure and safe driving;
  • IoT (LoraWAN solutions);
  • research, development, and integration of automotive hardware.

  • E-Cruise DSL & BITREK®
    BITREK®'s products are completely integrated with the LP E-Cruise DSL hardware offering over-the-air speed limit updates in geo-fenced areas for a safer driving experience on the road. Further, an additional top speed limiter is available and can be set-up in different ways, like groups and vehicle specific. More information about E-Cruise DSL can be found here.

    Eco2move, Eco-Driving features
    The E-Cruise, Eco2move features are available as an over-the-air feature. Fleet managers can set-up and change the eco-driving profiles in the vehicles when needed for a proactive control of the driver behavior and driving range. More information about E-Cruise, Eco2move can be found here.
    E-Cruise DSL, Eco2Move, offline operation, and other significant features are ready for your service. Challenge us and contact us with your specific requirements.